Monday, April 30, 2012


Well April has come to end, you'll be pleased (well you might be anyway) to hear that I'm going to spare you a "review of the month" and instead.

The presentation giving went OK, although I did have to "hide" behind the podium because I was rather shaky.  Really impressed with how much we managed to improve it in the 45 minutes we spent as a group practising (although really it shouldn't have needed that much work at that stage...).  The questions were a bit mean, and I think my lack of organic chemistry knowledge showed through.  However having had to watch 3 other presentations we definitely weren't the worst performing team with the questions (some of them really were harsh!).

Anyway, that's all over, and assuming the 1 piece of missing data which I'm expecting to receive in the next couple of days doesn't change everything, my medicinal chemistry report is also finished.  I look forward to handing that one in!

That means that 80% of my degree is now completed, with 2 exams worth 10% between them and 1 piece of coursework worth 10% remaining.  If I'd done really well up to now that would theoretically mean that I don't need to try very hard (although I think I would anyway!), but that's a bit academic because I'm still hovering somewhat around a 1st class mark so need to do well in these last few assessments to secure it!  No pressure then?

It's fine, I don't think I've quite realised how close the end is yet.  Despite knowing that the first exam is 3 weeks today (in fact this time in 3 weeks I shall be still be sitting there because exams are looooong) I don't think I'm "aware" of it yet if that makes sense.  Anyway, eyes on the prize... (whichever one it may be...)

Today's picture has nothing to do with anything I've talked about thus far, but it does highlight 2 things.
1) The sun was out today.  The forecast suggests it'll be short lived, but it was nice to be reminded of the feel of the sun on your skin!
2) The path was closed, I walked round on the way in to uni (despite numerous amounts of people ignoring it), but then I forgot on the way back and I was too lazy to turn round and walk the other way so ignored the cones.  I didn't die.  I'm not entirely sure why is shut.  Perhaps there was some damage from all the rain!

P.S The gerbils are fine. We have had cuddles (and I have been chewed some more).  Working on Darwin's scaredy-catness by offering him treats.  They also seem to have finally discovered the wooden things I put in there for them to chew.  Just as well because I'm running out of cardboard things!

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