Tuesday, January 17, 2012


There's nothing worse than opening an exam paper and having no idea how to answer the first question. Actually there is, an exam starting 20 minutes late due to a missing paper for someone who hadn't even turned up and then opening the exam paper to see you're missing section A and only have section B and then not being able to answer the first question!

Section A wasn't that bad really, a couple of tricky bits but good on the whole so hopefully a few marks in the bag there. Section B was a whole other kettle of fish though - It's a choice of 2 out of 4 questions and it immediately became a matter of "which of these questions contains the least stuff that I don't know". I did one question, although couldn't do a big chunk of it - mainly because we'd been told in the lectures that we wouldn't have to reproduce the derivation...

Choosing my second question was more difficult, 1 was eliminated straight away and the other 2 were fairly evenly matched with about half of it that I thought looked doable. I picked the question of superconductors, that meant I'd picked 1 question from each of the lecturers, and I like super conductors. For the first half of the question I went above and beyond the "call of duty" writing lots about it, because it's an area I'd actually revised well, and in a bit more depth than the notes (mainly because they made no sense!), so hopefully that will make up for the fact the the rest of the question was a no go. A good chunk of the remaining bit was about a compound which I knew we'd covered in lectures, and I'd written about in my revision notes but I just couldn't dredge any information about it from my brain so I wrote down a few points which might be relevant and then moved on!

Due to the late start I had until 7.50 to finish the exam (that's depressing!), pretty sure they were offering me too much extra time again, but I opted to leave at 6.35 having checked everything over. I dread to think how early I'd have finished if I'd been writing at full speed and without a break in the middle! Anyway that's over now. I'm pretty sure none of that is ever going to be relevant to me in the future so I can now forget everything anyone's ever told me about solid state chemistry (assuming I don't need to re-sit it!)

I'm having the night off revision, work for Friday's exam shall begin in the morning! We have a revision seminar for next week's exam too, so that'll break the day up a bit!

And the photo...
Before the exam, what a lovely evening it was turning out to be...shame I was going to be stuck inside!

And after the exam, yep, all the niceness gone! (apologies for awful photo!)

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