Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Well, today has been a bit of a quiet one. Wind/rain/hail/apocalypse outside meant far less distractions for me so I managed to get quite a chunk of work done, still lots to do though! Sadly that's the inspiration for my photo today...

I'd be enjoying the Drug Discovery module, given that it links into medicine, and it's really quite interesting, it's amazing how having to revise for an exam on the topic, learning all the ins and outs which you know you're never going to need to know again can ruin something that you like!

I'm a little concerned about my hand, given that it's still pretty sore and swollen but I'm prescribing myself a dose of WTFU 'cos it's probably nothing... (although it is rather frustrating watching my dad catch me up on Zelda and not being able to do anything about it because I can't hold the controller!)

Everyone is back to school/work tomorrow so just me in the house for the morning, I doubt I'll be particularly productive given that I'm expecting to hear about my "new" frame tomorrow...although I still can't decide exactly how I'm going to build it up...

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