Tuesday, January 24, 2012


That's it - finals part 1 is over!
Have to say I'm really happy with how today's exam went. Couple of bits I wasn't sure of, but nothing major - even managed to get some answers down for the 2 questions I was convinced I wouldn't be able to do! Made slightly more impressive given that the bulk of my revision for this paper happened in the last 48 hours (and up until 24 hours ago I couldn't answer a paper without my notes!)

We were given the right papers (both of them) and answer books at the start which is always good and I just chugged my way though it. Turned 2 answers in to mini essays (apologies to the poor people marking!), and thanks to extra time (which I actually needed today) had enough time to finish and check through - just as well I checked over as I'd made a bit of a "non-reading-of-question" blunder on question 1!

Further apologies to those marking my exam seen as by the end my hand was somewhat giving up, think I managed to keep my writing legible though (well I hope I did!). Thankfully now have 5 days before labs and lectures start time to recover, and catch up on sleep! Thanks to my assessment with occupational health on Friday I'm going to head home for a few days tomorrow and fill up on home cooked food - perfect for relaxing after exams :-)

Thought I'd talk about something entirely different today since over the last 23 days you've probably heard more than enough about me and my life...

As part of my new years resolutions I'm trying to eat more healthily (its going quite well!), which has meant Bran Flakes for breakfast. However good for me they may be they just don't provide a lot of inspiration and motivation to get up in the morning so I also have an emergency variety pack in the cupboard for those mornings (like today!), when a sugar boost is definitely required. I'm still going to count it as healthy seen as the portions are so tiny!

I was amused to see that on this particular variety of coco pops they've gone with branding to try and make it seem like a healthy option. But really, while perhaps *slightly* better for you than normal coco pops, by no stretch of the imagination is it a healthy cereal. And besides, the bright colours and cartoon monkey (not to mention the general concept of a chocolate cereal) are clearly aimed at children (and people like me!) who either can't read yet, or have no interest in the health of their cereals!

It's got me looking at branding now, its actually quite interesting to analyse if you go into it (don't worry, I shan't go into any more now!). Bran flakes return tomorrow in their boring box (everyone knows boring boxes have healthy things inside!).

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