Thursday, January 5, 2012


I think the Mayans might be on to something with all this end of the world in 2012 business. It's a been a rather wet and windy day!
I don't live in an area of the UK that is particularly known for its wild weather; in fact I think we almost renowned for being the place that avoids the worst of it! So I was most definitely not expecting to be woken up by a bang this morning. It was too dark to see what had happened initially, and I was still half asleep, but wen it had got a bit lighter this is the view that greeted me from my bedroom window!

Think we were very lucky it didn't do any more damage as it came down, the shed's a bit dented but that's it. Thankfully no one was out in the garden at the time, my dad has only just gone back inside with the dogs after there'd be let out for their morning "business".

Needless to say the strong winds, heavy rain and occasional horizontal hail meant I didn't get out on my bike today. I've got a few things on tomorrow (as usual, right in the middle of the day!), but hopefully I'll have an hour or 2 to spare before it gets dark and then I can get out and ride (itching to do a couple of miles on the new bike!). I did manage to brave the outside for long enough to take a slightly better photo of the new "steed" (I suppose I should name it at some point...), really I just wanted an excuse to go and admire the beauty!

Despite all the excitement work has been going remarkably well, I'm now a 1/4 of the way through module 3 (out of 4) with my revision notes. It's rather dull (opted for solid state rather than statistical thermodynamics seen as that exam is a week earlier!) but I'm chugging my way through it - it's amazing how much of it I don't remember doing (so was clearly on autopilot), although more amazing, and perhaps worrying that on numerous occasions I've copied down examples from the board and the contradict the printed notes (don't know if they were wrong on the board or if I just can't read!). Either way I'm getting through it, most of it makes sense, a few things don't but I'm sure once I start looking at past papers (if I ever get that far), things will start to click, well I hope so anyway!

All this time thinking has however, sent me back to the road of self doubt. I'm going back down the "Is that really the right thing to do?" and "Am I making the right choices?" path. I think I just need to keep reminding myself that not doing anything through fear of failure or it being "the wrong thing" is probably going to lead to a life of regret which will in all likelihood be far worse than living with the consequences if it does turn out to be the wrong thing. Which hopefully it won't. See, the inside of my brain is full of many long, winding and very dark alleys which are probably best kept closed...

Sorry - that was probably a bit cryptic/vague; I'm trying to sort things out in my head by writing this as much as well as sharing my feelings!

That's enough waffling from me now, seen as I'm doing this every day.

More tomorrow!

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