Saturday, January 28, 2012


I'd originally planned to have a lazy Saturday, but for once I had an odd motivation to get up and spend my day wisely!

So by 8 o'clock I was in the kitchen doing everyone else's washing up and giving the kitchen a good clean (it was getting pretty disgusting!), by 10 I'd finished that, done my washing and printed off notes for the next week or so of lectures. All the time I was doing various chores the weather was taunting me - glorious sunshine outside, and not a breath of wind either. Cold no doubt, but perfect cycling weather...

A quick spin round Sherwood Pines would have been awesome today, dappled sunlight coming through the trees, ground frozen and leaves crisp. Likewise out on the road, sun on your back, no wind to slow you down. Days like today where I really do miss the bike.

Not one to waste an opportunity I went for a walk instead. I really did chose my university well, out of all the campuses I looked at none came close to Nottingham as far as the general environment goes. Obviously the area, department and course are important but without somewhere like this to escape it just wouldn't be the same...

You can see all the photos here or you can get to the same page via the link at the bottom of the page.

Here's a couple of them to fulfil my daily photo...

I spent ages watching the birds, people with bread to feed the ducks came and went and each time the gulls came in on the war path, attacking the ducks to steal the food!

I couldn't take photos showing the lake without showing the Trent building. A well photographed building, and many pictures around better than this one, but none the less how many campuses can boast of a something like this?

And this sign just made me smile, for anyone that the knows the area it's at the end of the lake where there's the stepping stones to cross when it's not icy. They have the rest of the lake, with its reasonably deep water but here (by the sign!), the water is really quite shallow (I assume for safety reasons in case anyone falls of the stepping stones), so you wouldn't be able to swim, and you'd be stupid to dive. No ice either!

Tomorrow is likely to be my last true work free day until I finish uni for the summer (although I expect there'll be many days where I don't actually do any work!), so I'll try harder to do nothing!

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