Friday, January 27, 2012


Today I shall mostly be being super.

Although perhaps slightly less super than the more well known superman!

OK, well I haven't done anything super yet, and I probably won't, but the thought was there!

Had my appointment with occupational health today, as predicted is was a bit of a waste of time. They've passed me off as fit for working for the NHS, as long as I let them inform the the department I'll be working with that I'm not to do any heavy lifting. I suppose they have to tick all the boxes. And that really was all she did, ask me a few questions and tick some boxes, and she didn't seem bothered by the fact I'm being held together by tape! Done now anyway, so I'm all ready to go in April!

All set for heading back to Nottingham later, hopefully going to have a nice relaxing weekend before the madness that is this term kicks in. My timetable looks less than fun (that's what I get for picking more modules that start after Christmas than before!), and as far as I can gather our first deadline for lab work is a week on Tuesday so I'll no doubt be panicking about getting whatever we're supposed to be writing written! It is my last term though so I'm going to make the most of it, and go in with the intention of learning things as we go along.

Big scary organic exam in the summer, worth 20 credits (twice as much as the rest of the modules) and my only real whole year module so I'll have to make sure I can remember everything from before Christmas, and try and keep it all in my head 'cos being based 100% on the exam I don't fancy having to learn it all in the space of a few days... Someone remind me of that when in a couple of weeks I'm posting about the fact that I don't have any work to do or something! :P

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