Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well today turned out to be rather more exciting than I'd been anticipating!

I spent 3 hours this morning doing revision, finally got to the end of module 2 out of 4 (number 3 begins later seen as there's only a week and half of holidays left!). As a reward I decided to go down to the bike shop with the intention of coming home with some new part of a drivetrain to put on my new frame when it turns up next week.

Instead my whole plan was changed, ended up buying a whole new road bike! I'll then transfer bits from my old road bike onto the frame thats coming next week, and that becomes the cross bike/winter road bike and I now have a new and shiny road bike that actually fits me. I can sell the few bits + frame that will be left over so it just about works out as being more cost effective than getting all the bits separately... and it means I have a road bike that fits me!

Not sure how I'm going to explain the appearance of what will be 2 new bikes by the end of next week, given that they didn't even want me to get one new bike - I was going to just hope they don't notice, but as it's now sitting in the garage I think that's unlikely so I'm going to tell me dad about the first new bike when he come's in from work (won't mention the other one yet!).

Initial riding suggests its very good! Only tested it briefly (it's raining!), but I like it. Being a bit shorter also seems like it's putting less pressure in the wrong places through my arm so hopefully I'll be able to ride a bit further. Weather pending I'll get out and give it a proper try in the next few days!

And yes, you guessed it - today's picture is of my new bike! (really hope my parents aren't reading this blog...). It's a terrible photo but it was raining outside and there's not a lot of room to maneuver in our garage!

Right, revision time...think I'll get start with statistical thermodynamics seen as I almost enjoyed that!

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