Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Given that my afternoon has been one brain fail after another I decided now would be a good time to get blogging!

The relief of solid state chemistry being over for ever, combined with the knowledge that I wasn't the only one who thought it wasn't a nice paper meant I had a nice relaxing evening, a reasonable sleep and quite a chilled morning too.

Opted to not start revision for Friday's exam until after a revision seminar (for Tuesday's exam), and my lab feedback meeting. Both of which were pleasant but didn't seem like a productive use of my time! A housemate, friend and fellow chemist was waiting for me outside my feedback meeting (he was next) so I sat outside and waited for him.

With little to do to pass the time I just enjoyed some people watching. Slightly scary moment when someone came out of a lab with a gas mask type thing on. Not what you want to see when you don't have a mask on! Thankfully some over heard conversation fragments suggest it was just because she was working with a particularly nasty chemical (although if the fume hood wasn't adequate and a mask was required I'm still not sure I want to be very close to it!).

I was also entertained by the health and safety outside another lab. Being on the inorganic floor I was just a little bit amused by the "organic: various", because of course inorganic chemists can't be dealing with the specifics of their organic chemistry counterparts!

I also used the time "productively" to work on my skills as a "spy", thought I'd see if I could take a picture of someone without being spotted. My new found desire to "spy" is entirely unrelated to the e-mail I received yesterday with the subject "confidential", not sure that anyone other than me is likely to be reading my e-mails and if they are then that probably won't stop them! Sadly turned out to be entirely boring and very necessary, and not a request from MI6! Anyway, it wasn't entirely successful, the best I managed was this. A lonely phd student, contemplating life as he walked through the corridor (that's how interpreted his head scratching, and the look on his face which of course you can't see in this picture!).

I think this is a skill that I should work on, however now is probably not the best time to do so, what with the impending exams and everything...

Hopefully the cup of tea I've just consumed has woken my brain up so revision might be a bit more productive for the rest of the evening. No more confusion between different types of "k" and upper and lowercase "t"s! Probably going to be reuniting myself with my old friend too...

It's time for more kinetics. Farewell!

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