Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Revision plan took a big change this morning - given that I've got 1 and a quarter modules left to write notes on and less than a week until exams start (and writing wasn't particularly appealing today) I decided to have a break from note taking and start looking at past papers (will probably do a few more notes tomorrow).

It would appear that I'm getting there - I'm now looking at certain things and thinking "ah yes, that's a...." or "I know what to do with this" which is always good, although it is also evident that I have a lot of work left to do!

Had confirmation of my place on my first GEM open day today (apparently it's pretty oversubscribed, hope the applications for the course aren't later this year!) - it's the local one - University of Nottingham (although in Derby as that's where their GEM course is ran). I've invited my dad because I'll be carless at uni and didn't want to have to get the bus/train, I'm sure he'll find it interesting (he really enjoyed the chemistry open days), just hope I'm not the only one with a parent there!

Today's photo comes from the dog walk, although not sure my iPhone camera really captured the "niceness" of the sky...

Couldn't resist taking a picture of the hounds (see Sherlock, some people say "hound"!) while I was out too...
Taking himself for a walk...

Having a bit of a rest 'cos his 3 legs were getting tired!

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