Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's funny isn't it? How emotions sneak up on you sometimes. There I was, looking through some photos, and I just happened to see one picture, one in fact which I see most days because up until yesterday it was in quite a prominent spot. I don't know what it was, probably partly down to the fact I was quite stressed having been working all day, and I was pretty tired, but seeing that picture and what it then made me think of was upsetting. So much so that I shed a tear or two (and I don't do crying!).

I was just being silly really, it was a happy occasion and the memory should be savoured not looked upon in a negative way. But alas, that picture, and those from the same time are probably never going to be able to be looked at in quite the same way again...

Thanks to the kind people of twitter who cheered me up again - greatly appreciated! :-)

Anyway, enough of the emotional rubbish. Let's get back to being happy! Revision for my first exam at least, has apparently gone well. Not surprising given that it's multiple choice. Had a go at the 2 available past papers - half the questions I was really confident with, the other half I wasn't so sure about. Most of the one's that left me doubting I was 90% sure I was right but as the exams were negatively marked I wouldn't have wanted to risk it. There were a few that I just had no clue about as well (even with the help of my notes and the internet!). I e-mailed the lecturer with my list of questions that I was unsure about, expecting to be told that he wasn't going to give me the answers, but much to my surprise he marked the paper for me - thankfully I was right on most of the iffy ones, and he gave me some useful advice for the ones I really came unstuck on. You'd think by halfway through 3rd year I'd have worked out the fundamental things of what's electron withdrawing and donation, and what effect that has on properties like pKa, but I haven't. Don't know why but it just confuses me. Hopefully a bit closer to understanding it now though!

Today was also the day that my frame was delivered. I excitedly ripped the tape of the box and rushed down to the bike shop so it could get built up. I'm really happy with it, I don't want to ride it now. Just want to admire it! I now have the dilemma of which bike to take to uni with me?! Still got a couple of days to decide though...

And here is the new bike (weighs in at 22lbs if anyone is interested!):

Initial impressions suggest its going to be great fun to ride even if I have to avoid the bumps for a while!) - and yes I know it is lacking pedals in that picture! :P Have to admit it the tiny person sized frame looks almost comical with the big wheels, and I'll have to be careful so as to not hit my feet on the front wheel when turning, but other than that I love it so far!

2nd new (to me) bike in the space of 2 weeks has now triggered a clear out - I have an excess of bikes and related things (there's now 4 and a half bikes that belong to me in the garage!), and I am also way to far into the depths of my overdraft (how I love being a student!) - so a few things have got to go. The half a bike is already on its way out. Hopefully will keep the other 4 although another 1 might have to go as well.

Right...back to revision. Lot's to learn and not enough time to do it! Still haven't started packing for Friday yet either!

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