Thursday, January 12, 2012


Had a final pre-uni shopping trip with the grandparents today, needless to say I'm being sent back with a very generous parcel of food!

The goodbye involved tears from my Grandma, bless her, I expect I'll speak to her at least twice a week while I'm away (if not more!) and it won't be too long before I'm back visiting again!

The trip into my local town centre (which has sprouted several new shops of interest since the last time I was there - an authorised Apple reseller, Trespass and a muffin shop to name a few!), saw an invasion of Rhinos, no idea what they were there for, presumably related to the previous invasion of lions.

I shan't talk much more tonight 'cos packing, revision and the packaging of multiple parcels combined with the fact my shirt has been irritating my scar means I'm a bit sore/grumpy (again!).

However, back to Nottingham tomorrow. Kind of looking forward to it (would be looking forward to it more if I didn't have exams!). Last few months of it now and I am going to make the most of it. If I get onto GEM that's going to be a whole different experience - a more hours intensive course, and I intend to live on my own, and in private accommodation - so it'll be a big change from sharing a house with a friends! Not to mention the fact that before all that I'm going to have an entire year of living at home so going to enjoy my relative freedom while it lasts!

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