Monday, January 16, 2012


OK, so I think I used the wrong entrance, given that it wasn't out of hours and I'm definitely not an in-patient but I saw no other doors!
Was a bit disconcerting to find that the corridor in which I was waiting for physio turned out to be shared with the dentists (although the dentist smell didn't seem to have spread all the way down), could see the waiting room which I've sat in numerous times, and hear the drills! *shudders*

Thankfully I didn't have to wait too long. Appointment began by establishing exactly what's been going on with me over the last few months - each time I see a new medical person the list gets longer and my case seems to be getting more and more complicated...

Once she'd worked out why I was there she was quick to determine the problem. I'm wonky. I could have said that at the beginning - my hand points in the wrong direction, has done ever since I stopped wearing the splint that moved my fingers for me (although I have made an effort to straighten it apparently I didn't try hard enough!). This apparently the most likely cause of my pain and on going problems (apart from lack of feeling in my thumb, no one can explain that!), to solve it I have yet more exercises to do, and have a variety of methods available of which to support my hand and hold it in the right place depending what I'm doing. Hopefully that'll fix me. Sadly it means no riding bikes again for a while. Although I'm sure a little ride won't hurt...

I've been attacked with tape, with extra stuff to put on for writing and stuff:

Going to have to make a conscious effort in exams and beyond to write straight too. Just what I needed - something else to focus on instead of the chemistry!

Exam number 1 was this afternoon, they gave me more extra time than I was expecting (45 minutes extra taking it to 2 hours 15 for the exam), I'd finished in less than 1 hour. Sat around for a while checking (you have to stay for the first hour), and left shortly after the magic hour mark. All questions answered, A few I didn't know but being multiple choice if you can eliminate 1 or 2 answers it gives you a good chance of getting the right one out of what is left. Something tells me my next 3 exams won't be quite so friendly. Just over 24 hours 'til the next one (why couldn't they spread them out better?!), I need to do a lot more revision, but hopefully can bring it together!

Just a shame that that exam was for a module which was ongoing (although doesn't count for 60%) because it means I'm not allowed to forget it all now the exam is over...

Until tomorrow then folks!

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