Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well I've been back in Nottingham for almost 24 hours now. It's safe to say its cold! This is how cold it was when I got up this morning...

I've shivered my way through the day although have been remarkably productive. I'm finally starting to actually learn things, but definitely not learning quick enough. Thankfully have a bit more time today, and all day tomorrow to get it all in for the first exams!

My method of revision has now progressed from general note making to answering specific exam questions, and noting down some key points...wonder how far this is going to grow before exams start!

If anyone knows anything about solid state conductivity and magnetism please feel free to share your knowledge!

Right...back to it...

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  1. A fellow iMac user! Though yours has a lot more post-it notes stuck to it. Good luck with the exams.