Sunday, January 8, 2012


Revision has once again taken a bit of a back seat today, will hope for the same burst of productivity tonight that I managed yesterday - massively needed given that I've still got over 1 and a half modules to make notes on before I start looking at past papers and what not and my first is exam is a week tomorrow! Panic!

The day has, however, not been as much of a waste of a day as yesterday was. After getting grandparent visiting out of the way this morning (which involved eating banana - yuck!), I dragged myself out on the bike.

I really don't know how my legs are still working so well after not riding for almost 6 months but I'm not going to complain. I extended Friday's loop to go through a few more villages (and included 2 more quite big hills!). The last couple of miles were a bit of a struggle 'cos my arm was really starting to feel it, and it started raining but I kept pushing on, there's something satisfying about the burn of lactic acid in your legs!

Having been back for 15 minutes my legs and lungs and now back to their normal relaxed self, but I think painkillers may be required for the arm. I should probably take it easy, given that I wasn't supposed to be riding again properly until March, but I can't help it. I love riding my bike, and I love riding hard even more!

Ride Stats:
Distance: 14.0 miles
Av. Speed: 14.0 mph
Duration. 1.00 hour
Max Speed: 33.3 mph

(I've discovered that my new cycle computer has more features than my old one!)

2012 Total: 34.80 miles

Obligatory bike and gate photo:

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