Sunday, January 22, 2012


Shan't keep you for long today, much revision to be done!

You'll be pleased to heat the after my panicked indecisiveness yesterday I'm feeling a lot better today having had a long thing in a hot shower, and then slept on it.

Basically see my life has having 2 possible paths from this point. If I chose path A than that's it, unlikely to leave that path (although in itself it offers many options along it), and path B keeps things more open, I can always go back to path A, and again, three will be many forks in the road as I go along.

Path A v B basically comes down to whether I want to work to live or live to work. But I don't have to make the decision yet, work experience (which handily I already have organised for both A and B!) will help me decide. It's just reassuring to have things a bit clearer in my head.

So revision? Well Tuesday is my last exam, it's on the module that I have probably enjoyed the most over the last term - Bioinorganic and Metal Coordination chemistry, Now however, after 1 day of real revision I can see it being the one that I like the least! I made my revision notes for this one early on (as it was the first module that was finished before Christmas), so consequently I've forgotten everything! Unlike the other modules we've been examined on thus far this one has a very high volume of general stuff to learn. Numerous structures of enzymes and proteins, and details of how they work, different ways to synthesis macrocycles, the cycles of oxygen and nitrogen in nature - the list goes on.

I thought a good place to start would be to attempt a past paper with the aid of my notes, and then, as there are 4 papers available, just go over them all, slowly reducing my dependance on notes. I didn't work as fast as I could have done, and I did have a few breaks - but started doing the first paper at around 10am and didn't finish until 6! I'm about to tackle the next one, hopefully having done one, things will come to be a bit more quickly. Slightly panicked now!

That brings me nicely on to todays photo, living in a house of chemists we're all starting to panic...

Just to give that some context, the module code for Tuesday's exam is "F13BMC". We've been exchanging messages on the fridge for a while; quite often entirely random things like "attack of the coleslaw", and standard things like "need milk", but inevitably exams take over when that's what we're all thinking about!

Up reasonably early tomorrow 'cos we have a revision seminar and I have a meeting before that. Does mean that we're done on campus by 11, leaving most of the day for more revision! So until tomorrow guys....

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