Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well I'm still cold, although slept a bit better last night thanks to the addition of a sleeping back to duvet, 2 blankets and hot water bottle! Almost looking forward to exams for a chance to spend some time somewhere warm!

What with the impending exams and therefore sudden realisation that I know nothing I've been attempting to work hard (have done reasonably i think but still waaaay to much to learn!), that means that I haven't actually been left the house in 48 hours.

Out tomorrow for new physio in the morning, just what I needed when I have an exam in the afternoon. And then back to undoubtedly panic about the exam on Tuesday which I still no nothing about! Argh.

Best stop blogging and get back to work. Or at least vaguely staring at notes and hoping to absorb information!

Here's today's photo.

Tea has been keeping me going!

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