Thursday, January 26, 2012


It's only just past lunchtime and the day is young but I thought I'd do my blog update now (don't expect anything exciting's going to happen for the rest of the day anyway!).

Just had a morning of grandparent visiting, always nice to spend time with them and have a cup of tea and a natter. Always quite funny answering the same questions too (my pap asks me the same thing every time I speak to him, and every time I give him the same answer!).

Despite some rather sporadic weather patterns on the drive home (at one point the sun was so bright I couldn't see and yet I needed the wipers on the highest setting!), I decided to stop and go for a little walk, make the most of being back in "The Shire" for a few days rather than in the city. In hindsight, given that where I walked is only about a mile from my house, I probably should have stopped off at home and got my coat first - it was a bit chilly out!

Still, really nice walking in the sunshine, birds singing, surrounded by fields etc. Thought I'd use it as an opportunity to take some photos, sadly only had my phone as my camera is 50 miles too far north, back in Nottingham!

Despite the recent rain the level of water in the reservoir is still pretty low, doesn't bode well for the rest of the year as it's normally quite full at this time of year!

One day, I'm going to have a real explore of the footpaths around where I live, done this one a few times though, know it well!

I wasn't overly impressed by this:

I'd looked into getting a permit over the summer, as I wanted to take advantage of the bird hides and whatnot and do some nature photography, but unlike the nature reserves in Nottinghamshire you have to pay for a permit (although I think you can qualify for free), but can't just turn up and get one, it must all be booked in advance. Doesn't strike me as a very good way to encourage interest and support!

Weather permitting I'll head it with the dogs later, really do miss them when I'm away! It really is great not having any work to do!

Tomorrow's occupational health day for me. Fingers crossed it'll go well (and I can actually cross my fingers now so what could go wrong?!), going to leave me in a bit of a predicament if they say no, but hopefully they won't so I'll cross that bridge if I come to it!

Also had a look at stuff for labs which starts next week. Have a group sorted out (nice being able to chose our own group for a change!), it looks like week 1 out of 5 on the project is a relatively gentle start, with a literature summary to write as well as revision of data handling and use of matlab before we really get going with the project the following week. There's a possible 7 projects we could be assigned to, a couple of which have jumped out at me as being a lot more interesting and hopefully more enjoyable to do than the others, so again, fingers cross 'cos it's basically luck of the draw which one we get (although given the hand situation maybe my chances are increased seen as I like the look of the most theoretical based one!).

If I do get that one you'll have to remind me when I'm complaining about being up to my eyes in horrendous maths or something, that I wanted to do it!

So once again, until tomorrow chaps and chapesses!

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