Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Well meeting this morning was a bit pointless, and not really getting out of bed for. Still, it was a necessary box ticking exercise, I'm on the "special" list therefore they have to talk to me.

The conversation went "So, what help do you anticipate needing in 6 weeks when you start organic labs?", "Hopefully nothing by then, but I won't know until the time". Followed by 20 minutes of chatting about the module, teamwork, clinical trials and my plans for the future. Was really nice having a chat with him, he's a nice guy and actually seems to care which is always good. Would have talked for longer but he had a column to get back to in the lab and I had a train to catch!

My running of the 2 miles to the train station turned out to be unnecessary as I was there with time to spare in the end! Very disappointed to find that they'd just painted all the benches so there was no where for me to collapse whilst I was having what must have been some sort of heart attack! (I don't do running...)

I do love this train station, it's small far less scary then going into the official Nottingham station (and far less chance of me getting on the wrong train or something!)

Still, a couple of trains came through whilst I was waiting for mine, I'm sure the train experts amongst you will know more about them than I do...

Had a really nice train ride, it was pretty empty so I had a table of 4 to myself to begin with, next to an oldish man eating a muffin who similarly had a table of 4 to himself. A few people got on at the next station down and made me move because they'd reserved 2 of the seats where I was sitting (yes there was one of me, 2 of them and 4 seats but they refused to let me sit there), so I went and sat opposite "muffin-man" as he became known. He was actually a really nice man. Before we spoke I used my new found spy skills to determine that he was on his way to some sort of photography course (given that he was reading a camera manual, and had various bits of paper on the table including a tube map and some headed letters which looked like they might be from someone offering such a course).

He asked me if I could advise him on the best tube stations to use when he got to London and was shocked to find out that I don't know anything about London (I apparently look like I travel there a lot!), but we had a nice chat until we got to my station. Turns out he was working as an academic at the university until last year when he retired (should have asked him what subject), he was indeed going to a photography course in London! He wasn't quite nice enough to share his muffin though... (I really was hungry!), I apparently looked trustworthy though, given that he wandered off, with his muffin but left his iPhone, keys and camera on the table with me!

it was odd, I normally quite shy but that's 2 conversations I've had today that I didn't necessarily need. Progress!

Am now home (only took 2 hours longer than it would have done if I'd driven!). Don't really know what to do with myself now I have no more exams. Was really odd waking up and then walking in to uni this morning without various bits of chemistry whizzing round my head.

Expect I'll try and get some reading done, although probably nothing chemistry related! Hopefully make the most of the time off to relax. I've almost pre-empted work experience and have made a decision re-"the future" based on what I'm expecting to happen but I won't disclose my decision until it has actually be decided!

I think tonight is going to be filled with GCSE science teaching, given that my brother has an exam tomorrow. I've done well with him so far, I apparently do better than his teacher (who was my form tutor for 5 years and it doesn't surprise me that she's not taught my brother, or the rest of the class by the sounds of it, very much!).

So until tomorrow folks! (I must stop saying "folks", it makes me feel old!)

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