Friday, February 10, 2012

10/2/12- The Exam Result Blog!

There was much tension as we all went into uni this morning and sat through the first lectures of the morning, and then one by one throughout the day our fates were revealed!

Mine was a fairly early meeting, just as well otherwise I'd have been a nervous wreck! Was handed my paper and didn't really know what to say (other than "how do I find out the one that's missing?"). It wasn't a terrible performance, and if I'm honest wasn't far off what I felt from coming out of the exams but doesn't change the fact it was my worst ever performance in a set of exams and has now left me with some work to do come the summer if I'm going to get a 1st!

My tutor is getting me one of the papers to go over because although I came out thinking it was a hard paper, I can't see how I lost *that* many marks.

The annoying thing about it is that I worked hard over the last semester, and it didn't really pay off. This means I'm going to have to try and work even harder over the coming months. Far too many of the marks left to be decided are in organic chemistry (given that we have the big organic exam, an optional organic part of module, drug discovery and organic labs left to do!), and organic chemistry has provided me with my lowest exam results in previous years. Definitely need to work hard.

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