Thursday, February 16, 2012


Am now feeling the effects of not sleeping well. Frist 2 lectures today were a mystery to me because I was half asleep. But at least I turned up, and I recorded them so can listen later and try and make sense of them all!
Next was a 2 hour workshop. Coffee was required!

The caffeine definitely helped, and although I'm never sure of myself when doing these group project things I quite enjoyed this workshop. I got a few things right, and like to think I contributed to the group decisions. Really like our "GSK mentor", think he's realised that I'm the quiet one in the group so made sure I contributed, and that I was happy to be one of the "presenters" - he just seems like a generally nice guy too (and appears to be very good at what he does!) Also found out that our syntheses for our next round of labs have been planned for us (unlike everyone else!), that makes things a lot easier! I'm far better at doing practical work with a "recipe" laid out for me!

Now feel like I have a mountain of work to do with 2 presentations to write, 2 big reports looming plus tutorial work (as well as going over lecture notes and stuff). Determined to make next weeks presentation good, seen as that has been an area that's let me down before . I've started writing it (although I'm writing it out report style I'm hoping to do this one without the aid of notes...); however sleep is beckoning me so an afternoon nap is required before I do any more work I think!

Lectures and various things from 9-4 tomorrow. I may not survive!

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