Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Today's photo is a picture of part of my epic spreadsheet. This is my analysis so far from our lab project, 'cept for some reason unknown to me the graphs I spent 3 hours drawing this morning are wrong, and despite doing what I'm sure is exactly the same thing the numbers appear to have worked when I tried again after getting home.

Be starting that one again then. Matlab at home is terribly slow, and I'm falling asleep as it is so will have to do it at uni tomorrow. Lectures don't start 'til 10 so I'll try and go in for 9 to make some progress on that...

I try to avoid having naps this late in the day because it invariably makes sleeping at night all the more difficult but work isn't going to happen now.

If anyone wants to bring me tea, and some nice pancakes too it would be greatly appreciated!

I'm sure I have lots more I could say today (there have been numerous occasions where I though "ooo I'll put that in the blog"), but they have all escaped me... so until tomorrow folks!

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