Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Presentation day! (again!)

In an odd stroke of confidence, as a group, we decided to open with a joke - this could have gone badly for us, but thankfully it went down quite well! With the current popularness of memes, we went with Bormir: "One does not simply align the laser" on our opening slide! I also opted to wear my para-dox t-shirt (another chemistry joke), so at least our audience was in a good mood when we started!

Surprisingly for us we were a bit outnumbered - 3 of us in the group, only 5 other students watching but 5 academics and a PhD student all there to mark us! But I think it went OK, and they didn't ask any particularly mean questions either (I think there are many gaps in our knowledge so we were probably lucky!). Anyway, all over now, just one more presentation to give and that's not for aaaages!

So with that done it was back to hard work. Despite the world conspiring against me (we had multiple tea bag splitting "issues" earlier), I've been remarkably productive. Just about finished the biosynthesis workshop questions ahead of tomorrow. Was hoping they'd all be easy so I could have an extra couple of hours in bed tomorrow morning, I mean an extra couple of hours to do other work. But there are a few gaps in my work (even if you ignore the bit where I was fed up and decided I wasn't going to draw out the million step mechanism...)

I did manage to come up with an answer for this though, whether it's right or not is a different matter though...

The "thing" that I've been trying to sort out for the last few days has now, at least in part, been sorted. Just waiting for 1 of 2 people to e-mail back for part 2!

Right, I should probably get back to this lab report, it hasn't yet worked out how to write itself - must I do everything? :P

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