Friday, February 24, 2012


As I sit here writing this I'm feeling rather summery. Cool breeze coming in through an open window, and clear blue skies to look at. It's not quite summer warm outside but someone has had the heating on for far too long this afternoon so I feel like I'm going to melt...

Today is Friday. That means we've reached the end of another week - only 5 more until the Easter break! Can't wait, I know I said I was going to try and enjoy my last weeks at uni, and I am trying but I'm fed up of it now to be honest! Not helped by the little things - trying to sort out something which I'm apparently entitled too, pretty sure it's a common request and yet I was still passed around between far too many people to be efficient and still haven't actually sorted it out because everything seems to stop at 4 on a Friday! Could have done with getting it sorted before the weekend but looks like it'll wait until Monday (unless the office-y people are feeling particularly efficient...)

Right today. Anything exciting happened? Not really. I did have a bit of an organic chemistry related epiphany earlier, I realised I'd actually remembered something! Also related to organic chemistry, you may remember yesterday I was telling you about how we did the same thing in 2 consecutive lectures, well it happened again today! We were talking about radical chemistry, initiation using AIBN and peroxides etc. in our organic lecture; low and behold in our polymers lecture (a few hours later, but hadn't any lectures in between) "today we're going to talk about polymerisation using radicals...", still, it was quite nice sitting there knowing where he was going with his curly arrows and predicting his next words!

Plans for my weekend mainly include catching up. I need to catch up on sleep, catch up on jobs and catch up with work. Not sure quite what's happened this week but I appear to be falling down a slippery slope at the moment and an unable to stop despite my best efforts! Was originally supposed to be going home (not been back this term!), and then going to take some pictures at the final round of the Thetford Winter series, but's just as fun right?

I'll leave you with a photo and kind of thought for the day...

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