Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Today most definitely hasn't felt like an "extra" day!

Once again I was up nice and early, despite not having to be in uni until 10. Just as well 'cos I did my physio exercises and pushed a bit harder than usual and it hurt!

First lecture wasn't actually a lecture, it was a workshop and the lecturer had already said he wasn't going to teach us anything and just kinda leave it to us to teach ourselves by each answering a question on the board...

I avoided getting up and answering cos writing on the board is even more difficult that writing on paper at the moment! Although I wouldn't have minded getting up and doing it for once, given that I had actually done the questions in advance and so vaguely knew what was going on! Next was an hours gap (formerly the hour of nucleic acids lectures!), despite only typing with one hand I succeeded in getting a big chunk of my lab report written. I have one document which is almost at the word limit for the report but is just a jumble of paragraphs and points I should be including, so I actually started writing it "properly" today - it's looking good!

Finally was a synthesis lecture, I was a bit worried because from now on there's not going to be any handouts and it's all going to be copying down from the board. My friend, fellow chemist and housemate offered his notes for photocopying afterwards should I need them though so all was good. Turned out I didn't even need that - the lecturer had photocopied his hand written notes for me specially! Made me smile to know someone had thought about me and made an effort to help even though they didn't need too! :-)

Next mission for today was shopping. Not having the car this year I've been avoided it but I could hold out no longer so off to Sainsbury's I went. Made an effort to only buy the essentials, and leave things that could be bought later on from the little Sainsbury's (which is a lot closer!). Think it was the quickest dash round the shop ever! Not sure I have a very student like basket - no alcohol, no pot noodles and no cake!

Was certainly interesting carrying home (once again - stupid arm!), I nearly stopped to eat my carrots on the way back as I'm sure they were the heaviest thing!

Got home to find an e-mail waiting for me. Not the one I've been waiting for (might have to be "brave" and speak to one of the academics tomorrow cos I don't suppose it should wait much longer...), but from the place where I'm doing work experience over Easter. I'd almost forgotten about them to be honest! Just got to sort out the dates that I'm doing it now (and how on Earth I'm going to get there, no parking and I can't cycle!). It's a voluntary thing so they've said I can do as much or as little as I'd like. I obviously want to do as much as possible but I suspect with my new level of re-brokenness I'll have to be careful seen as I don't want to over do it, especially when I should probably be revising for last ever chemistry exams!

It has given me a new burst of excitedness about the work experience (even I really would like a holiday instead!), I shall of course keep you posted...

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