Saturday, February 11, 2012


So, my plans for this rather cold, but very sunny weekend?

Lots of work to do. Need to keep on top of making notes and reading this semester so hopefully can get lots done this weekend. Plenty of breaks to though seen as weekends are for relaxing.

Had a lovely Saturday so far, started off by waking up warm thanks to the fact we can now have the heating on and when I eventually got up I had a bacon a cheese sandwich for breakfast and a leisurely cup of tea. Did the washing too. Then down to work. Thought I'd start with polymers 'cos although the first lecture wasn't good it picked up a lot yesterday and I really enjoyed it (and I'm far more likely to make notes about things I enjoy).

See look, I did work!

Next on the list of things to do (seen as I think I earned a work break!) was riding my bike. Doctors orders. 5 gentle minutes before Monday was his "prescription" so I could tell him how I got on. It may have turned into 10 slightly less than gentle minutes, but I can't help myself. That was the first proper ride on the new cross bike and I decided to ride to the canal. Despite being more than a little bit cold outside I really wanted to carry on, but I behaved and after a quick break turned round and headed straight back home again.

It seems that it's going to ride really well, although I need to fiddle with seat position etc. - can't wait to get in some proper rides with it!

Can now see why he suggested the 5 gentle minutes. Bit sore now! Hopefully once things settle down after being injectified on Monday it shouldn't be too long 'til I can build it up a bit more. I really hope so anyway!

2012 Cycling Total: 36.2 miles

Right, lunch time (left over stir fry), and then back to work...I'm avoiding catalysis for the time being so organic it is!

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  1. I am loving the new bike, I have fancied a Cotic for ages