Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Another short post today because for some reason my arm is hurting more today than it was yesterday. Despite extra painkillers this morning this made lectures rather difficult. I must have been pulling funny faces while trying to copy a mechanism down from the board 'cos the lecturer came up to me at the end (he knows I've been having arm issues!), and told me which book I could find the mechanism in if I hadn't got it all down (and said he'd photocopy it for me if all the copies of the book were gone from the library).

Not sure what's making it more sore today, but hopefully it'll be better tomorrow, and I'll be moving in the right direction. Could really do without having to go back to the doctors again!

What with the sore arm, and the amount of organic chemistry that has filled me day I thought I needed all the help I could get, so decided it was best to try and summon my super powers.

Doesn't seem to have worked given that, despite everything making sense when it was explained to us, I'm struggling a bit with these questions. Still, that's the point of tutorials, to learn stuff.

Right, that's enough from me! Until tomorrow folks...

(PS: film and food last night was actually OK because it didn't finish too late, even if housemates then spent an hour talking on the landing!, and we watched a comedy rather than a horror movie!)

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