Monday, February 13, 2012


Just a short post today as I'm sitting here with ice on my elbow and would rather not move my arm!

I'll begin with arm related things. After a 30 minute wait to really build up the nerves and then getting nice and comfy on the bed (presumably in case I fainted!) I opted to watch the injecting process and was quite surprised. I'd been promised 1 "hole" and he stuck to that but needed to reach several different points, didn't realise quite how much wiggle room there is inside an arm! The very fact that he had to stick the needle in the sorest bit meant it was bound to be an uncomfortable process, although it was OK until he started trying to reach the further away spots!

Very impressed with this doctor, I just hope it works otherwise we're back to square one again and this will have been for nothing!

Despite advice to rest arm and ice elbow I needed to get back to labs. We had successfully aligned the laser in the morning, and I'd left the boys collecting data. Despite soreness which painkillers weren't helping I opted to continue with labs and we managed to collect over 100 data sets, we're going to have lots of fun on matlab tomorrow...

Was an amazing feeling when we first saw the characteristic ringing down though...high fives all round!
Amazing isn't it?

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