Sunday, February 12, 2012


Thought I'd post early again today, given that my day is likely to consist of very little (it's Sunday, I'm allowed a quiet day!).

Am hoping to continue my Star Wars education later, I am familiar with the stories and have played numerous games but have never actually watched the films. Made a bit of a faux pas (do you make a faux pas?) by starting with Episode I and going chronologically, rather than starting with number 4, but never mind. Enjoying it thus far. Can't believe what I've missed out on!

Star Wars lego is one of the things I had been introduced to (although sadly only the Wii game and not the actual lego), but my own lego collection is growing thanks to the Sainsburys round the corner. They've bought out a whole new series of mini figures now and some of them look really good so undoubtedly my collection will be growing...but here is what I have so far!
The "family"

Sometimes things get a bit tense...

Isn't lego great?

I'll blame my impulsive buying (got ice cream too!) on the fact I'm getting a bit nervous about tomorrow. What have I let myself in for? It's rather distracting, I don't suppose I'm going to get much work done today (although thankfully did get a few hours done yesterday!)

Thanks for reading folks!

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