Monday, February 27, 2012


Apathy has reached a dangerous level and I'm still somewhere in an ocean of work so I'll keep it short again today.

Continued sorting out what I began on Friday, should be easy right? (well at least when you send an e-mail to the right address). Unfortunately the levels of bureaucracy are deep, and also entwined with other things! I think progress has been made though so fingers crossed! (sorry I'm being a bit vague - there are somethings that need to be kept away from prying eyes, at least until it's actually been sorted out! I will say that it's uni related and not some top secret government thing though so really shouldn't be this difficult!).

For the first time today, I had a chance to sit in our new building and just sit, and not have to do work. It really is an odd building, and far too much wasted space...

Sitting completed it was time for presentation practice. Having done a presentation less than a week ago I'm not that nervous about the actual presenting bit, but the fact my section of the talk is about something I'm not all that sure of, and I'm presenting to someone that not only knows a lot about the subject, but thinks that we know a lot more than we do! This is leaving us open for some horrible questions but there's not much we can do about it now!

Our presentation does at least look quite good though...

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