Friday, February 17, 2012


Well, it's the end of another week, and another day survived with the aid of caffeine.

I intend to use my weekend to catch up on missed sleep as well as tick off lots of jobs from my over growing list of things to do. Or alternatively find some sort of minion to do it for me seen as many of the things to do are really boring, liking buying stamps and envelopes! (stupid forms having to be submitted as a hard copy and not done online...). If any wants to volunteer I'd be eternally grateful - other jobs include shopping, tidying and washing (clothes not me!).

My between lectures time today was remarkably unproductive, I drew a few chemical structures for our presentation, and had the chance to go over one of my exam papers but that was about it - the rest of the time was spent chilling out, drinking coffee and more bizarrely bird watching - we saw 2 (what we assume to be) song thrushes outside ao sat and watched them for a while (and tried to work our what they were!

(Here's me sitting attempting to do work in the Chemistry Foyer, I don't like the library!)

At least today's lectures were quite interesting. Although I think there is to be another casualty to the special topics module...I'm still doing 4 of the 5 topics (and we only have to answer questions about 2) so I think dropping down to 3 is safe. Sadly the one I probably won't be doing again is in the middle of Friday so I still won't finish until 4, I might go again next week, but equally I might not. The topic's not all that interesting and it's the same lecturer who in the previous set of exams I thought I knew the material, and came out of the exam feeling not to bad about his stuff only to find out today that in fact I only scraped a few marks with that half of the paper. Would be nice to avoid the situation again!

I still feel rather broken (might be heading back to the doctors next week...), and am also starving (definitely not eaten enough today!) so that's all from me today. Have a good Saturday everyone! :-)

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