Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have up to this point successfully avoided doing any work today so I thought now would be a good time to get blogging!

Had 4 hours of lectures this morning (well running into the afternoon), the 9am in surface and interface studies turned out to be much better than expected (it's a shame really 'cos it's one of a number of options, I was hoping it'd be rubbish so I didn't have to go to that one again!). Captain Chemistry as he will now be known (mainly due to his likeness to a rather famous captain from theTV), managed to incorporate talk of giant people, blowing up chickens, atoms holding hands and the story of how he was electrocuted and should really be dead into his lecture whilst telling us lots of important chemistry things too. Definitely a skill that some of the other lecturers need I think!

The second lecture was unremarkable, other than the fact it cam so close to getting cancelled due to a fire alarm in the physics department (I didn't know maths could catch fire!), which turned out to be a false alarm.

Lecture 3 was a 2 hour one, the first half was really quite dull but we then moved onto team skills and stuff 'cos we're working in the groups for the next ~10 weeks. I'm apparently apparently an analyst (or an owl!). And according to Belbin I'm a "specialist" - it all adds up to mean I'll work hard, but only if a clear plan has been set out and I'd much rather work on my own than in a team. Feel sorry for my poor team members then! :P

The important news of the day is arm-related I'm afraid. Saw the physio again, after some poking and then worried face pulling she decided that she thinks there's more going on than just the muscle stuff she spotted 2 weeks ago. Being referred to a new doctor (have an appointment next week), and he can then either come up with a way to fix me or refer me again to a specialist (either here in Nottingham, or get me sent back to my original consultant at home). I'm not particularly happy about it 'cos we seem to be going round in circles and I'm not getting any better, not to mention the fact I've lost count of the amount of medically qualified people that I've seen who haven't been able to figure me out.

Really wasn't a confidence inspiring experience! =\

Thankfully the physio has been to see the new doctor and has explained the situation so he's ready for next week so at least I shouldn't have to go over the whole story again...

So yeah, not happy at the moment. Although my spirits have been lifted by copious amounts of tea (only a scientist uses the word "copious" in everyday conversation)!, and a gingerbread man made by my amazing housemate!

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