Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I should probably start by mentioning yesterday. "Christmas" with the house was really great, it's rare that we're all together as a group so it was nice to get together and do something. Was also very odd because thanks to some donated decorations, and our belated secret Santa it actually felt like Christmas! We had Christmas dinner too it was amazing.. (this isn't today's photo seen as I took it yesterday!):

Back to reality this morning though with 3 hours of lectures in a row, all biology and organic synthesis based. The middle of which was the first ever lecture that I've been in where the room was so full that people had to sit on the stairs (aren't central timetabling good at assigning appropriate rooms?). Followed by a quick lunch and then getting going with a piece of writing on "cavity ring-down spectroscopy". Haven't got very far yet, but as I've just finished the background stuff I thought now would be a good time to right the promised blog!
Hee's the book which I expect to become my bible over the next few days (the only copy of the the only book our library has on the subject apparently!)

So, down to business. It has been a month since I started this photo (and blog) a day challenge type thing. I've had feedback from a few people who seem to be enjoying it, which is always nice - I started blogging, and will continue to do so, primarily for my own benefit, it means I can keep an accurate(ish) record of things that happen as well as take advantage of writing's head clearing ability - but of course if anyone else gets any benefit from reading this is great and I always like to hear from people who have been reading.

Having to write and take a picture everyday has proved challenging, given that much of my time is taken up by uni work (and far too much of my time is still being spent being prodded by people with varying medical qualifications) which isn't all that interesting. But I feel that over the last month this blog has proved useful to me with documenting my (brief!!) return to cycling as well as helping me with general future crisis, I'm still pondering it, but getting it down onto this blog, and into words means it's at least not at the forefront of my thoughts all the time. I'm definitely grateful of the therapeutic nature of blogging! :-)

Over the coming days, weeks and months I hope to continue documenting things that happen to me - both the significant and the mundane (sorry!) because it is, after all, the everyday things that makes us who we are.

Thanks for reading and for your continued support!

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