Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have to say after however many days of not sleeping, and a week of long days at uni (plus whoever much work at home) I feel in dire need of a holiday! But alas, no such luck! I'll keep going with the caffeine then!

Today has been a strange kind of day, despite feeling remarkably buoyant on the walk into uni sitting down for our first lecture of the day instantly reminded me of just how tired I am. Was actually a good lecture though, most of it was revision of 1st year stuff which I'd forgotten so very useful, and as has become tradition he brought models to show us, and cool things from the lab to pass round!

Next lecture was far less exciting, the lecturer isn't renowned for maintaining attention of students at the best of times but he decided that today was a good day to revise some first year stuff, normally useful but not when it's the same stuff we'd just been going over in the previous lecture, and he didn't bring us fun things to play with!

Had a little bit of time to kill after that because my team decided just before the occasion was appropriate for our first run through of our presentations. Wasn't a great run through but wasn't much we could do about it (although I had to re-write some of mine because the order had been changed without telling me!).

Our group's mentor from GSK (who I'm sure I've previously mentioned as being awesome), maintained his loveliness - he had a quiet word with me before we started because he knew I was nervous. Definitely appreciated his reassurances! Other than some computer crashing problems (which plagued several people) my part of the presentation went really well (in my opinion anyway). I think that's the best presentation I've ever given in fact. Didn't rely on my written script as much as I have done previously. Let's hope Tuesday's (as yet unwritten) presentation goes just as well!

Next was an organic tutorial - our tutor was late due to UCAS stuff, and I had to leave early , although from the sounds of it I didn't miss much. Tutorial part 2 is going to be tomorrow (useful I'm sure but I could really do without more things keeping me at uni!), hopefully he'll finish the tutorial questions, and have time to go over the few bits that I did miss because although I got some of it right there were a few bits which I thought I'd done OK on but apparently not!

My organic tutor this year is really good though, and if we don't have time tomorrow I'm sure if I ask he'll make time for me - he's always quite helpful (even if he doesn't get distracted by rants on the education system!), and does seem genuinely keen to make sure we actually learn and understand everything!

Having snuck out of the tutorial it was off to the doctors with me. Needn't have rushed 'cos he was running late, although thankfully not as late as last time! After a bit of prodding and poking he couldn't find anything new and particularly wrong so the verdict is wait and see and hope for the best. He did give me painkillers though so at least I might start sleeping a bit better now!

If anyone wants to be me for the week so I can go relax on a sunny, warm beach somewhere it would be greatly appreciated. Still have to much work to do for my liking. I need to stop getting flustered and spend less time panicking about the work and start doing instead!

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