Monday, February 6, 2012


Phew. Nearly didn't get a blog today!

We start the practical for our lab project tomorrow morning, although our supervisor expects we'll be spending the entire time fiddling with laser alignment and we won't get onto data recording until next week!

Not sure why I'm feeling quite so stressed all of a sudden, feel much better now knowing that my literature summary is handed in (although would feel even better if I could fit everything I wanted into the 2 page limit!). I've come to the conclusion that uni is bad for my health because having spent over an hour talking to our supervisor (and professor of chemical physics) I was feeling a little apprehensive about starting this project...

Came home and had a desire to cook some real food. Opted for stir fry (given the contents of the fridge), it was very yummy but the stirring and chopping required didn't go down well with "the arm". Having then finished this piece of writing I felt copious amounts of Ben and Jerry's was required to de-stress me a little bit, remarkably it does seem to have helped. As has my physio stress ball!

I know I'm going to miss it when it's gone, but the amount of work we have over the rest of this semester is scaring me a little bit and at the moment I can't wait for it to be done (only 39 days at uni left until easter!)

Probably not helping that I've slept worse than usual for the last couple of nights, sore armness combined with the renewed worrying about isn't conducive to a good nights sleep! But I'm sure I'll be fine...

I just need to relax for a few hours before I go to bed, so until tomorrow folks!

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