Sunday, February 5, 2012


Today's blog should have been filled with delightful snowy scenes, however I got up early and went out with the camera so it was foggy. (and cold!). Never again am I getting up and going out that early on a Sunday morning!

There are also few foggy scenes to be scene because my memory card has corrupted itself and therefore the only photo I have is the one I took on my phone, so it will have to do! You can just imagine the rest, they were amazing ;-)

Despite the cold and the fog, it was quite nice getting outside, being so early it was really quiet so it was just me, my music and the sound f the snow crunching under foot! (how poetic?)

Once I'd defrosted and then given up trying to fix my memory card I figured it was time to get the CRDS report finished. It is now just about 2 pages long and almost has everything that it needs in it (I'm not happy with the fact I can't do the maths, but even if I could there wouldn't be enough room for the answer!). Just need to do some tweaking and try and get in a bit more science content I think...

That is a mission for later today, or maybe tomorrow (probably today because I can't bring myself to become one of those people who does work on the day it's due in!).

In the mean time I think I'm going to hide in bed and watch some Frasier because I got up too early so I'm sleepy, and my arm is giving me "gyp" but I'm not allowed more painkillers yet. It's all maths' fault!

Ah yes...Monday tomorrow. 8 weeks and counting until the Easter holidays!

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