Sunday, February 19, 2012


Well today has definitely not been all that productive...added a couple of hopefully coherent sentences to my lab report but that's about it, the rest of my day has been spent lazing around watching various programs. Sometimes that's what Sundays should be for though, right?

Going to have a busy week or 2 ahead to making the most of it while I can! Although will have to practise my presentation this evening...

Now today's photo, I'm going to regret sharing this one aren't I?

Clearly I'm not actually asleep because then I couldn't have taken the photo, this was taken at around 11 this morning. I woke up before 7, having not slept well (again!), lounged in bed for a while, got up and dressed at 9ish. Had breakfast and then...found bed again! Much dozing followed, and has been the order of the day, and I'm still tired!

Tomorrow involves many hours in the lab, either plotting too many graphs or realising that the data we've got, although possibly interesting, won't allow us to answer the question we're looking at (yes I already have my suspicions...), also, unless there is improvement overnight, be trying to get an appointment at the doctors 'cos I reckon a few days is less than a week and I'm still beyond the help of ibuprofen. Fed up of being broken now!

Apologies if that made little sense. My brain is slowly turning to mush!

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