Sunday, August 12, 2012


I had a bit of a different day at work today, the bike shop I work in is moving into the now closed down gift shop next door, but we have all the stock to get rid of first so I was in there today trying to clear stuff out rather than in the "proper" shop.

Made a nice change and I bought a few fun things myself, including...

And a catapulting frog (there were cows and chickens too!), I can vouch for the fact it hurts if it hits you!

After work I opted to go for a bike ride, I went out on my mountain bike for the first time in a very long time. I'm sure I've said over the last few weeks how much I like my road bike, but being back on the mountain bike is something different entirely.  I didn't do any proper mountain biking, just a lap of the local reservoir (so a gravel track over 1m wide!), but the bike just feels so different.  I was timing myself so I almost gave myself a taste of racing again, although far from technical - with speed, going round corners required a bit of technique.  I am now the fasted female on Strava to do a lap, which is always nice, but I know I have a lot more in my legs, just not in my arm.  I'll be out to beat that time when I'm fit!

So yes, mixed emotions.  Frustrating to be feeling so restricted, and not particularly pleasant to be in pain now that I've finished, but still kinda nice to be back on a mountain bike.  Needs cleaning now though!

Probably stick to the road bike for a little while yet though I think!  I really need to go for a run at some point too...

2012 Cycling Miles: 154.11

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