Sunday, August 19, 2012


After yesterday's epic post I'll try and keep it a bit shorter today.  Not much has changed anyway, and been at work all day so nothing particularly exciting to report.  At least it's been keeping my mind occupied! Just the nights left to battle through...

Apart from the fact I'm now working 2 more days than I expected (more money is good, but 5 days at the shop tends to tire me out somewhat!), work was good today.  Had some really nice customers, and was wearing more new socks!  Got to find BBQ food almost cooked, complete with corn-on-the-cob, something I really like but we rarely eat.

To top things off my mum had bought me a giant bubble wand (half price apparently!), I reverted to the mindset of a small child at this point and went a bit mad in the garden (I'm going to play again in a minute!)


Today's "commute" was a lot slower than yesterday's.  Didn't want to kill myself on the way in (it was already too warm before 9!), and I was a bit dead on the way home - it really was too hot, and I was broken from carrying a 2 tonne bike from somebody's car, which was of course in the furthest away point in the car park, up to the shop.  Miles is miles though.

2012 cycling: 177.56 miles

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