Thursday, August 30, 2012


27 days to go and counting!

Got the new regime of to a reasonable start.  Today I have:
a) Finished a book
b) Been to Pizza Hut with old friends
c) Had (not very much) Chinese food with grandparents
d) Had a revelation about some potential interview answers

Looking good as I'm off to London tomorrow!

I have also considered some other stuff today mind, chief of which is apparently what on earth I'm going to do to occupy myself while the surgeon works his magic in a few weeks time (sorry, I can't really stop thinking about it!).  While I'm glad that (barring any complications) I am, on request, avoiding a general anaesthetic, but that means being awake throughout.  I know I won't see anything, or really be able to feel anything, so I just have to lie there and keep very still for the duration.

So, erm, any suggestions for keeping my brain occupied?

This has inevitably led to other related ponderances, like what happens if the anaesthetist who I don't meet until the day doesn't get the message and plans a GA?  I didn't particularly worry about it the last 2 times I've been under, but I seem to have developed a bit of a fear since then (or possibly a phobia since I know it's all a bit irrational).  Also, what happens if things start to unfold and the situation becomes "sub-optimal"?  The questions go on...mainly along a "what if...?" line.  Suspect I'll be close to the line between normality and a gibbering wreck again a few more times over the next few weeks.

Sorry.  This has all gone a bit negative now hasn't it?  I didn't mean it to be such.  Can't help it.  Darn wandering mind.

Still - London tomorrow! (did I mention that?!) And I have a new wide angle lens to play with on my camera.  Well not a real one, it's a cheap screw on thing.  But hopefully it'll do the job!

Just for the end,  owwwwwwww. (In case I hadn't whinged enough!)

Here's a picture of good ol' "tripod" to end on a good note!

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