Monday, August 20, 2012


Today has served to back up the sock theory.  Opted to not wear new socks and suddenly things start to go wrong.  Or at least be less good.

Not that things have gone as bad as they have gone for some other people today, but I'm not really at liberty to talk about that!  Rest assured it's not good for anyone involved though. 

Nonetheless I was already tired after not sleeping well (again!) and yesterday's bike carrying combined with lots of computering today means I'm getting close to making whimpering noises! How I wish I could take more painkillers...

My day was brightened by certain events though, a certain line which has previously been crossed is being toed at the moment, but, it's still on the right side and it has made me a bit more smiley, even if it was just temporary!  Also on the "plus" side, grumbly arm has distracted me a bit from panicking (and other general "brain-brokenness"), although not sure how long that one will last!

I drove to work today as I'm due a run, but couldn't face it tonight.  Will have to catch up with it soon!

Here's the "cursed" socks!

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