Thursday, August 23, 2012


I can now declare that "sock theory" must apply to other footwear too!

I bought a new pair of shoes this morning, as my old ones have just about given up.  If you're interested my new ones are identical, just a different colour!  Not only did I have a lovely morning: time to read my book and go to the post office, I took my brother to pick up his (very excellent) GCSE results and then went to town for lunch with grandparents.

The big important and exciting news is that not long after returning home I got a phone call from the hospital and I now have a date for surgery. Woooo!  It's still past their 18 week target but it is at least in September (only just!).  I had to send an e-mail asking my consultant to disregard the letter I posted this morning saying I wasn't happy that I still didn't have date, but I can live with that!

Think I'm a little bit too excited about the whole thing, but I suspect over the next 34 days (yes I'm counting) the excitement will disappear and the nerves will take hold and given the crazy dreams that I've already been having related to it I suspect the panic may come sooner than later.  I know I need to try and not get my hopes up too much, not only is there the risk of cancellation, I know there is a very good chance I'm going to go through all of this and not come out of it any better than I am now, but I have faith.

In order to burn of some of my excited energy, and to justify the pancakes I'm going to eat in a minute I thought I better get out on my bike.  I did what has become my usual 17 mile look, it was actually a whisker slower than last time, which at least shows I'm trying my hardest because that felt fast, and I know that I didn't have much left in me today!  Really not bad considering the farmers were out in force harvesting stuff which was making my nose run at quite some speed! 

That brings me to my best cycling month of the year so far and a grand total of... 194.85 miles in 2012. If the weather's OK I'll have to ride to work over the weekend so I can break the 200 mark!

I shan't show off the new shoes yet, but here's some more of my new socks.  Not sure I've really earned these ones mind!

Running out of new socks now as well...really quite tempted to buy some more after the success of my "preliminary studies" but alas, these socks are over £3 a pair and I can't really afford to get any more!  If anyone wants to make a donation for the good of science it would be gratefully accepted...

That'll do from me today.  Recovery milkshake to drink and pancakes to make.

Tomorrow - to the cinema! Huzzah! 

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