Thursday, August 9, 2012


Ice, strapping and rest has been the order of the day so far.  Have a couple of days at work to come (5 days off has turned into 4!) and the airport run tonight so I need to be at my best!  Pleasantly surprised by how well it's working though, might just get me on the bike in the next day or 2... (only to work and back mind!)

Had a quick shopping trip this morning (need milk and tea in stock for return of the parents!), and I took my camera out with me so I could stop on the way back.  My photography subjects didn't turn out to be what I went out to snap, but have to say I was quite happy with some of the results!


Flowery thing:

Sorry - photo overload.  But I wanted to share them! :-)

It was good to get out with the camera, been lacking inspiration for too long, hopefully they'll be more to come soon.  Also glad that I've actually *done* something while my parents have been away!

Hasn't the last 10 days gone quickly?

Uh-oh, yes it has.  I need to tidy!

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