Monday, August 13, 2012


Tired.  Standing up has been a bit of a challenge all day and I really struggled to get going.  Such is the peril when a couple of hectic weeks comes to an end.

But, even after yesterday's bike ride I made it out for a run today.  It was supposed to be a slow one, just working on getting a consistent pace.  It was a bit slower than last time, and consistency had increased a little but I still went off too fast and my legs gave up in the middle, not helped by the fact I'd under estimated the temperature so over heated a bit (wish I'd been in shorts!).  Pretty sure I've pulled something too because despite recovery drink, stretching and a soak in the bath walking is proving "interesting".

As I've said before I'm trying not to take "training" too seriously until I'm mended so as not to get fit and then just have to start again when I have time off to recover from surgery (which I'm still "um"ing and "ah"ing about but that's another story...)

With a little bit of help I have come to the conclusion I need to run a bit less far (not that 2.7 miles is particularly far really), but more often, so we shall see how it goes!

2012 running total: 40.64 km

You've not had any Lego photos for a while, so here's a couple of shots...  (sorry they're a tad dark, but I'm feeling lazy!)

He may focussed on his enemy, but hasn't noticed the giant frog sneaking up on him...

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