Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Doesn't happen very often but I had to admit defeat today.

I'd had a really lovely day, an impromptu visit from one set of grandparents, a nice chat and some personal statement advice from my Pap.   That was followed by a planned visit from the other grandparents; they bought me lunch, helped clean the house, walk the dogs and then bought me dinner too!  (Parents home tomorrow!)

But, when returning home, having dropped them off at their house, I had to stop.  Driving has caused me a few issues with pain before, but nothing I couldn't handle (core, doesn't that make me sound tough?), tonight though, was different.  Have to admit it feels like things have been getting worse, particularly over the last few weeks, probably because I've been overdoing things (although there has been a steady downward trend since about November!), but it's really not good when you're trying to drive along and it feels like that.  I'm not sure it was even quite that painful when I had a big hole in it!


Could think of worse places to be "stuck" though:

I'm going to eat some ice cream now.

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