Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Sock theory is gaining momentum.  Another day of old socks that has not gone well.  I think tomorrow will come close to conclusive proof 'cos I've got lots to do after 5 already full days, so I'm going to wear new socks!

As work today was "interesting" and mainly for the wrong reasons, although I was busy I didn't get the stuff done that I was there for so going in again tomorrow to get that done.  As I've done 5 days already, and have been told I look tired (almost launched into "well you'd be tired if...." at that point, but figured it wasn't really appropriate and nor could I spare the energy!) I don't have to go in at opening time.  *sigh of relief*

But that doesn't mean I get a lie in.  Not that I really do lie ins (although I definitely have some sleep to catch up on!).  Lots to do.  Prescription to pick up, brother to ferry about, mother to take shopping, hospital to ring, cheque to pay in; and all before I turn up to do a few hours work.  And them I'm busy Thursday.  And Friday.  And then back at work on Saturday. Woo!

Hopefully I will get a decent nights sleep before then.  Otherwise I'm sure I'll become insufferable (if I'm not there already!).  Is it too much to ask for a night with no nightmarey things (crazy or not) and not too much pain, really?

Sorry, I'll stop grumbling now. I've had to be polite to lots of people today so it's been building up!

Here's a picture of a toad.

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