Thursday, August 2, 2012


Have to say I've had a really nice day today.

Out with 1 lot of grandparents this morning, I did some typing for them and was treated to 1/2 a tank of petrol and quite a posh lunch.  I don't spend as much time with them as I should so it was nice.  The got home just in time for a visit from the other grandparents.

I ended up cooking their dinner, but we walked the dogs together and my grandma did some washing and cleaning for me. They're coming back while I'm at work tomorrow to give the dogs some company and do my ironing for me!

The only slight tarnish on my day was my trip to the GP and that wasn't that bad really, seen as I got what I went for.  Just a bit disappointed as I really liked the guy I was seeing in Nottingham and I'd like to think if I ever become a GP I wouldn't give someone painkillers that they ask for just because they've asked for them.  My records are a bit lacking (seen as I've just moved) and so there was no evidence that I'd ever been prescribed them, or really that I had any need for them, but she gave them to me, no questions asked, without concern even when I said I was needing more now than previously.  Hopefully she's not like that with everyone and was just trying to make up time.  I need to find one that I like... not that I should need to see one in the near future anyway (fingers crossed!).  Suspect I'm just difficult to please!

I'm sleepy so I'm going to stop writing and sit and watch some swimming.  

Oh and here's another dog picture.

One more thing, I promise.  When I dropped my grandparents back home I saw a very drunk person.  He's their neighbour so is known to them, and he is an alcoholic.  But he was very drunk.  To the point that he stumbled across into the road and then fell over and couldn't get up again.  I decided that as I wouldn't be much help I'd stay in the car.  Didn't leave until his (stronger than me) neighbours came out and picked him up and helped him inside, so I'm not a terrible person.  

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