Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Been a bit of a mixed day but I declare the socks to be a success.  Sock Theory "proven".  Maybe I should continue it further and write some sort of thesis...

Very productive in my few hours off this morning, lots ticked off my to-do list, although didn't receive the best news when I spoke to the hospital about my lack of surgery date.  But I shall fight! Not that it looks like a very fair fight so far...

I now have 2 days off work.  Tomorrow is results day for my brother and potentially a celebratory lunch out with the grandfolks afterwards (I say celebratory, lunch with grandparents is becoming a weekly tradition!), and Friday has plans too - cinema time!

I'm still a bit grumbly, but less so.  And mainly because I'm tired I suppose.  Fingers crossed I remain minimally grumbly! 

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