Sunday, March 11, 2012


It's difficult not to be happy when the weather's like this isn't it? (even if it is supposed to go back to being cloudy tomorrow!) I haven't quite reached "happy" yet, but I'm getting there!

I thought a picture of the lovely weather would be appropriate but the only place I've been today is Sainsbury's and that's not very exciting so I thought you could see my dinner instead.. yummy pizza!

It was supposed to be BBQ chicken flavour, but the "good" pepperoni ones were on offer so this was cheaper (sorry Matt, I'll get BBQ next time instead!)

Just to clarify, I didn't eat all of this pizza - half of it has been saved for lunch tomorrow!

I have been remarkably productive today and as well as shopping (and prescription collecting) I've done the washing, cleaned out the hamster, tidied up, finished the tutorial, written some more of my report and gone over 4 hours of lecture notes. Hopefully get another hour or 2 done later, probably necessary seen as there's still 13 hours of lectures left! (We have more lectures in a week than I seem to be able to go over at a weekend!)

I'm going to mark today as a success though, given that I'm still tired, ill (I've been drinking vast quantities of orange juice in a vague attempt to help!) and a bit grumpy.

Much less grumpy now though thanks to a small number of people (I hope you know who you are!) who have helped last night and today! :-)

Labs all day tomorrow. If I somehow manage to have scraped together enough product tomorrow will be easy given that I have one thing to stick on the handy columning machine, and one recrystalisation and all is good. Alternatively (and probably most likely), I'm going to have to start last weeks reaction again so that I can get an NMR, IR, and melting point etc. plus have enough to give to GSK to test for us! Without amazing GSK guy this week, and with the addition of the rest of the lab group in the lab tomorrow I fear failure may be imminent!

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