Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Science is great when it works isn't it?

The last 3 hours in labs would have been very stressful had it been anything other than the last time I'm going to have to set foot in that lab! It was a real shame that our GSK mentor wasn't there today. I isolated what I think I could safely say is the best product I've made in the entire 3 years of my degree. Well I haven't actually seen an NMR of it so it might be entirely the wrong thing but it was all nice and crystalline, and quite a good amount of it too!

Look at my shiny product :D

So that's it. Labs are over. We're meeting tomorrow to collate our results and then it's just a matter of the 2 reports to write over the Easter break. My geeky results spreadsheet says that due to the module weighting a good mark here will just about secure me a 1st overall in my degree so keen to do well!

The weather is definitely reflecting my mood at the moment. I practically skipped home from uni! Despite the wonderful sunshine I (and my housemates) were lacking inspiration as to what to actually do, so a couple of us went for a walk into town...

The rest of this week should be relatively straight forward. Not huge amounts of work to do ('cos nothing is imminently due!), just 3 hours of lectures (leaving 1 hour of lecturing left after easter, my last ever chemistry lecture!), sorting out a few things with the group for labs and packing my stuff to go home :-)

I do have a doctor's appointment tomorrow though, don't expect any dramas mind. And need to sort out my exam situation, not that I'm really doing much sorting now - the highly efficient powers that be are doing it for me!

Oh heck...the closer I come to finishing uni means the closer the need to find a job is coming!

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